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Mick Canine OnLine is honored to announce our new affilliation with Summerwinds BIS.

Summerwind's products have helped produce over 200 Show champions including "Mick", winner of the 2003 dog show World's Triple Crown (Crufts, The Eukanuba Challenge, Westminster).

Mick is proud to endorse the SummerwindsBIS line of grooming products--a very important part of his legendary American show campaign!

In addition Summerwinds was once again the number 1 breeder of Champion Afghan Hounds for 2002.

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Summerwinds History

Summerwind BIS Inc. was founded in 1981, by Bruce & Rosemary Sutton. Rosemary bought her first Afghan in 1968, combining her love for dogs along with her love for hair. Her background as a cosmetologist owing her own salon in addition to having studied and worked with Vidal Sasson, created a foundation for the development of products at Summerwinds.

Rosemary used her personal knowledge to formulate and develop shampoos & conditioner products for dogs with the proper pH. Her Products would protect & condition the coats of dogs in a superior but cost effective manner.

Both Bruce and Rosemary owned a gourmet pet food deli and studied animal nutrition.They have spoken at Veterinarian convention on animal nutrition (they supplied meats for the San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park)

afghan1.jpg - 7121 Bytes They decided to develop for their clients a product called Health-E-Coat.

Their concept was you must first have a healthy animal to grow the coat, then, once that is done, you must know how to keep & protect the coat. Using the Health-E-Coat products allowed Bruce, Rosemary and Summerwinds to achieve & hold the record for the most AKC Champion Afghans ever bred. "Two Hundred Champions!"

In 2002 Summerwinds was again the top Afghan Hound breeder.

Being themselves, owners, breeders & handlers, Bruce & Rosemary understand what products are needed.

A Personal Message from Rosemary

Dear Pet Lover,

All of the products offered on this web site are used in our own Summerwinds Kennel. As breeders of Afghan Hounds and Whippets for over 34 years, we have produced over 200 show champions. Our own pet needs led us on a quest to develop superior products at reasonable prices. Too good to be kept secret, our coat care products and supplements, were offered for sale in 1981 and have since remained in high demand. Summerwinds products can also be seen at many west coast dog shows. We are confident that you will find our products as beneficial and as necessary for effective, ultimate presentation as we do! Please feel free to contact us via email, fax, or phone with any questions you may have.



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