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Dog Rescues

Authorities acknowledge that throughout the world there are several hundred distinct breeds of purebred dogs, not all of which are recognized by all countries.

A breed is a "relatively homogeneous group of animals within a species,developed and maintained by man." Each breed was created by man, using selective breeding to get desired qualities. The result is an almost unbelievable diversity of purebred dogs which will, when bred to others of their breed, produce their own kind. Through the ages, man designed dogs that could hunt, guard, or herd according to his needs.

Recognition of a new breed is generally controlled by government or kennel club administrators. Generally stated, the requirement for breed recognition is clear and categorical proof that a substantial, sustained nationwide interest and activity in the breed exists. This includes an active parent club, with serious and expanding breeding activity over a wide geographic area.

Today, new breeds admitted for registry in a country must have been well established in other countries for a significant period of time by registry organizations in those countries.

Standards are also used by breeders to guide them in their efforts to breed better quality dogs. By using the written words in a standard, a breeder knows what to look for when considering mating two dogs and also when evaluating puppies. A breed standard becomes the reference tool for assessing breed attributes and negatories.

Dog Tron maintains Breeder, Breed Clubs and Rescue listings, and endorses responsible dog ownership. Dog Tron does not endorse, or recommend any breeders or kennels. We have no control over the business practices of those listed on our site.

For breeder information you should contact the breeder referral person for the breed's National Club. Many breed's breeder referral contact person can be found at our Website. You can also contact a local show or obedience club for information. A listing of clubs, can also be found on our site.

Buyers should be certain to check all materials relating to breed registration, health, quality and stud agreements with breeders, sellers or stud owners before making any decision.

An over riding reason for the Dog Tron Posting Policy is the existence of Puppy Mills. Dog Tron has no authority over Puppy Mills or irresponsible breeders. If we are made aware of a breeder that does not maintain acceptable standards, we will bring this matter to the attention of local health or humane organizations that do have the authority to take action to correct or remedy this type of situation. If you feel that a breeder does not meet acceptable health standards, the matter should be brought to the attention of your local SPCA, Humane Society or Health Department, as they have the authority to take action in these matters.

Dog Tron does not support the random, large-scale breeding of dogs for commercial purposes. The only tool we have to ensure the integrity of our postings and to promote responsible breeding is input from our viewers. If you feel that a breeder does not meet acceptable health standards and you want to let us know, we advise that you put your information in writing and send it to:

For reasons of fairness, we would not be able to tell you if we had received a complaint about a particular breeder or firm. Some complaints that are received cannot be substantiated and it would be improper to give out information until the conclusion of an inquiry. If an inquiry leads to a suspension of a posting, this information is published in our newsletter.

Currently Recognized Organizations

  • American Kennel Club (AKC)
  • Canadian Kennel CLub (CKC)
  • The Kennel CLub (England)
  • United Kennel Club
  • Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC)
  • Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

By submitting a listing to Dog Tron you are stating that you are not a broker or agent for any other breeder and that all puppies you sell are bred by you. Further more you also state that you do not supply puppies for resell via pet shops, agents or any other third party. Failure to comply with these stipulations will result in your listing being removed without notice. Dog Tron reserve the right not to add any listing without stating a reason.

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