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Other Dog Breeds

Anatolian Shepherd DogBeauceron
Black Russian TerrierGerman Pinscher
Glen of Imaal TerrierJapanese Chin
Neapolitan MastiffNova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Parson Russell TerrierPlott Hound
Polish Lowland SheepdogRat Terrier
Redbone CoonhoundSpinone Italiano
Toy Fox TerrierYorkshire Terrier

Dog Breed Groups

Herding Dogs (16 Breeds)
Hound Dogs (22 Breeds)
Non-Sporting Dogs (16 Breeds)
Other Dogs (16 Breeds)
Sporting Dogs (24 Breeds)
Terrier Dogs (25 Breeds)
Toy Dogs (17 Breeds)
Working Dogs (20 Breeds)

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