• Alternative:트럼프(Trump) ; Trump (ver1)
  • Author:Lee chae-eun
  • Views:36.576 view
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Action, Fantasy, Webtoon


A breathtaking action fantasy of Gods walking a treacherous tightrope across the undefined border between Good and Evil!! Or, put simply, just NONSENSE. Note: This project was begun by an amateur manhwaga on Naver who decided to restart Trump from the beginning because of it failing to receive attention by the Naver publishers. Then when it was picked up by Naver, Trump was once again republished and the author changed her professional name from sinceby1991 to Lee Chae Eun. Both previous versions were discontinued. The "official" Trump being published is linked below as a related series. The raw is complete/discontinued
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